August 25

Chinese (5th grade)

2019~2020                      Chinese中文  (5th grade)

Lesson Plan: Chinese 2A 

Class Structure:

This class will provide a foundation in pronunciation, everyday communication skills and recognition of Chinese words.  After Han Yu phonetics is introduced we will have the opportunity in learning to type the phonetics on the computer.  Typing skills that will build on sentence formation.  Traditional and modern Chinese songs will continue to play a big part in the process of word recognition.  We will also be able to have hands on experience with Chinese culture. 


The daily homework for the class is to review the day’s class material I have posted on the class website. 


A short quiz will be given and corrected during each class period.  The quizzes serve the purpose of building on the student’s knowledge from week to week. 

Live performances:

The in-class live performances will be recorded for students to review. 


We will be using the “Let’s Learn Chinese” and “Speak Mandarin in One Thousand Words” for Learning Chinese textbook which will serve as an overall guide to the course.  I have also selected and bought a set of reference books that will work well with the class.

Luh Jang Chen 陸璋

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