September 1

Chinese Class Rubric (Middle School)

Chinese Class Rubric (Middle School)





Highly Effective
Classwork60%  Absent from class and will have the opportunity to work on the classroom material through the classroom blog. Communicates in Chinese through listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Uses Chinese most of the time and uses English at a minimum. Uses every opportunity to engage with the Chinese language, and to express themselves through the language.
Homework20% Only works on the assignment in class. Correctly writes the answers. Correctly writes the answers and writes neatly. Correctly writes the answers neatly and writes both the characters and pinyin.
Does not understand the materials, and an unwillingness to learn. Is able to correctly read sentences. Is able to correctly read sentences, with the appropriate pronunciation.  Is able to correctly read sentences, with the appropriate pronunciation, and is able to speak to the classroom.
Test5% Most incorrect responses. Most correct responses. All answers correct. Correct responses, but also able to exhibit further learning.
Project5% Not willing to participate. Cooperates Cooperates, and willingly engages with the material. Cooperates, and exhibits creativity in engagement.


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