Lesson Eight


(心美):下課以後你們常常做什麼?xiàkè yǐhòu nǐmen cháng cháng zuò shéme ?
(May): What do you often do after class? ...continue reading

  • Review List of Hobbies on Quizlet
  • Write down (in Pin-Yin) at least two of your favorite things to do in your free time. Use Google Translate if needed.
  • Be prepared to share (in Chinese) with the class your hobbies at our next class meeting. (in the format of "我喜歡 Hobby A, Hobby B, Hobby C 和 Hobby D." Wǒ xǐhuan Hobby A, Hobby B, Hobby C hàn Hobby D
  • Write and, ten times for each character.

***Parents please take pictures of your student's work and send them to me by Friday (4/17/2020).