February 2

How many months per year


How many months per year?

一年有十二個月。A year has twelve months.

一月大,二月小,January is big, February is small,

三月大,四月小,March is big, April is small,

五月大,六月小,May is big, June is small,

七月大,八月大,July is big, August is big,

九月小,十月大,September is small, October is big,

十一月小,十二月大。November is small, December is big.  Continue reading

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February 1

Clap your hands

拍拍手 Clap your hands,

老師的大手拍一拍,  The teacher claps her big hands,

小朋友的小手拍一拍。  The students clap their small hands.

上拍三下,下拍三下, Clap three times up top,Clap three times down low,

中間用力拍一下,  Clap heavily in the middle,

大家一起坐下來。Everybody sit down in unison. Continue reading

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