August 24


24 traveling ppt


王先生:您想不想出去旅行? Would you like to take a trip?

方先生:您計畫去哪兒? Where do you plan to go?

王先生: 我們一塊兒去阿里山好不好?   Let’s go to Mt. Ali together, okay?

方先生: 聽說阿里山的風景很不錯,我老早就想去了    I’ve heard that the scenery of Mt. Ali is pretty nice. I’ve been wanting to go there.

王先生:阿里山的風景美得像圖畫一樣。 The scenery of Mt. Ali is as beautiful as picture.

方先生: 我們要不要準備餐點呢?     Do we need to bring some snacks?

王先生:不用了,只要帶照相機去就行了       No, Just bring a camera and that will be fine.

方先生:我要把美麗的風景都照下來。   I’m going to capture all the beautiful scenery in my picture.

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August 21

Ordering Food B

點菜 Ordering Food

你最想吃什麼菜? 你來點菜,我做給你吃! What do you love to eat? You can order, and I’ll make them for you.

太棒了, 我什麼都可以吃。Great! Anything is fine by me.

粉蒸牛肉,喜歡嗎? How about “Steamed Beef”?

喜歡! Love it.

宮保雞丁, 喜歡嗎? How about “Kung-Pao Chicken?

喜歡! 不過有點辣。Yummy, but a little spicy.

那來點糖醋排骨吧! How about Sweet and Sour Pork?

糖醋排骨也不錯,酸酸甜甜的。Sounds good. It’s sour and sweet.

不過你點的菜, 我都沒有! However, I don’t have anything you ordered.

那你有什麼呢? Then, what do you have?

我有泡麵, 好不好? I have instant noodles. Is it Okay?

說了半天, 原來你只會煮泡麵。My god! You can only cook instant noodles.

泡麵, 喜歡嗎? How about instant noodles? Like it?

嗯!喜歡! 謝謝嘍! 那我現在就去煮給你吃! Yes. Great, and I’ll cook for you right now. Continue reading

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