October 12

Action- Class Activity: Teacher Says (Simon Says)

1.The teacher orders all students to do an action .
2. The order is only valid (the students can only do the action) if the teacher says ” Teacher Say” First. If a command is not preceded by “Teacher says”  the students must not do it. The Student is correct if he or she follows the commands preceded by “teacher say”. Continue reading

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January 1

太極Tai Ji

一 起(qǐ)式(shì) 起式
二 卷(juǎn)肱(gōng)勢(shì) 卷肱势
三 摟(lǒu)膝(xī)拗(niù)步(bù) 搂膝拗步
四 野(yě)馬(mǎ)分(fēn)鬃(zōng) 野马分鬃
五 雲(yún)手(shǒu) 云手
六 金(jīn)雞(jī)獨(dú)立(lì) 金鸡独立
七 蹬(dēng)腳(jiǎo) 蹬脚
八 攬(lán)雀(què)尾(wěi) 揽雀尾
九 十(shí)字(zì)手(shǒu) 十字手
十 收(shōu)式(shì) 收式

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