January 1

Class is starting -Q

上課= Class is starting 問候= greet 老師=teacher 要=have to 做到=Accomplish 做= do 到=reach 站起來=stand up 行個禮=take a bow
恭敬= Respectfully 感恩= Appreciate 教導= guidance 說聲 = say 忘了= forget Continue reading

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December 30

Little lamb wants to eat a flower

Little lamb

小羊要吃花兒 Little lamb wants to eat a flower
山上一朵小白花兒, There was a little white flower on the mountain,
小羊要吃她, A little lamb wanted to eat her.
The little white flower cried and said, Please do not eat me! Do not eat me!
大黃牛看見了,就笑著說: A big yellow ox saw this, He smiled and said
小羊,花兒是看的,不是吃的。Little lamb! Flowers are for looking, not for eating.
你去找青草吃吧!Why don’t you go find some green grass to eat?
The little lamb thought for a moment, and went on to find green grass to eat.

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August 31

Mother Bird’s egg was missing.


鳥媽媽的蛋不見了Mother Bird’s egg was missing.
Mother bird laid one egg on each day. But on the fourth day—-
The mother bird took a look; there were only three eggs in the nest.
就大叫:「不好了!少了一個!我要去找!我要去找! 」
Oh, No !one egg is missing! I am going to find it! She screamed
The mother bird looked for the egg on the grass, but she couldn’t find it.
“Look! Said a little yellow flower, “A goat is eating grass over there, why don’t you ask him?”
The mother bird went asking the goat if he has seen her egg, the goat said he didn’t.
The mother bird went asking a cow if he has seen her egg, the cow said he didn’t.
The mother bird went asking a gold fish if she has seen her egg, the fish said she didn’t.
The mother bird went asking a red horse if she has seen her egg, the horse said she didn’t.
The mother bird looked her egg all day long, But she couldn’t find it anywhere.
It was getting dark, she flew back to her nest crying.
Spider said “Don’t cry, it’s no use to keep crying, just try to think where the egg could be.”
噢! 鳥媽媽想起來了,她今天沒生蛋,蛋還在肚子裡。The mother bird suddenly remembered that she hasn’t laid any egg today; the egg was still inside of her.
She pushed hard and laid the egg.
Wonderful! The mother bird was so happy that all her four eggs were safe in the nest and none of them were missing.

August 2

My Friends and I

我和我的朋友My Friend and I

我姓言, 我叫言立明, My last name is Yen, my name is Yen Li-Ming

大家都叫我明明。and everyone calls me Ming-Ming.

我是中文學校一年級的學生,我喜歡我的學校。I am a first grade student at the Chinese school, and I like my school.

這位是林友友,大家都叫他友友,他是我的好朋友。That is Lin You-You, everyone calls him You-You, and he is my good friend.

那位是江禾中, 大家都叫他中中,他也是我的好朋友。 That is Jiang He-Zhong, everyone calls him Zhong-Zhong, and he is also my good friend.

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