June 1

The five sense organs and hand

five  sense

五官和手 The five sense organs  and hand

小小眼睛,看東看西。Little eyes look around.

小小舌頭,舔來舔去 。Little tongue, lick around.

小小鼻子,聞聞香氣。Little nose, smell fragrant smells.

小小耳朵,聽聽聲音。Little ears, listen to sounds.

小小牙齒,愛咬東西。Little teeth, love to bite,

小小雙手,寫寫畫畫。Little hands write and draw. Continue reading

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March 6

Mother’s Birthday

mother's birthday

媽媽的生日 Mother’s Birthday

今天是媽媽的生日,Today is mother’s birthday,

我送媽媽一張卡片,I give her a card,

爸爸送媽媽一朵小紅花,Father gives her a small red flower,

媽媽很快樂。Mother is really happy. Continue reading

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