September 1

Happy Friends

Happy friends

嘿!我們快樂的朋友 手拉著手兒心連心
Hey! Our happy friends, hand in hand and heart to heart
一起努力向前行 共創美好的人生
Moving forward together to create a better life
嘿!我們快樂的朋友 我們有天真的赤子心
Hey! Our happy friends, we have (kind) benign hearts
還有駱駝的耐力 更有獅子的勇猛心
We have the endurance of the camel and the courage of the lion.
信心毅力加上勇氣 衝破難關不怕艱辛
We are fearless of hardship because of our faith in perseverance and courage to overcome difficulties.
樂觀進取承擔責任 追求理想迎向光明
We have a positive outlook on embracing our responsibility and have dreams that light our way. Continue reading

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September 1

When you have the courage

courage 1

原本以為自己辦不到 不可能 不可以 Originally I had thought that I could not do it, it was impossible and not allowed.

羡慕別人樣樣都行 Envied how others seemed to be able to do everything

看看自己好生氣I was frustrated with myself

像蝸牛躲在小小殼裡Like a snail who hides in a small shell

慌張會打擊信心  Panic leads to a lack of confidence

恐懼會忘記呼吸Fear will make you forget to breathe

事實上並沒有那麼糟In fact it is not as bad as you think

別掉進懦弱的陷阱Don’t fall into the slippery slope of fear.

要加油請加油let’s go, come on, let’s go

你加油大家一起加油You go and everybody goes together

當你有了勇氣 When you have the courage

好運隨時會降臨Good luck always comes

當你有了勇氣 When you have the courage

全世界都祝福你The whole world blesses you

當你有了勇氣When you have the courage

困難重重難不倒你Difficulties cannot beat you

當你有了勇氣When you have the courage

向前行沒問題 Moving forward is not a problem

溫柔的話語給自己鼓勵Encourage yourself with gentle words

輕輕地 鬆口氣 重新開始繼續努力 Give a gentle sigh of relief and give your best effort again.

用力歡呼 為自己打氣 相信我一定可以Cheer loudly to give you strength and believe that you can do it.

重新開始繼續努力        and give your best effort again. Continue reading

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April 1

Very Happy

Very Happy T

好快樂好歡喜 Very happy very grateful
藍藍的藍天多麼亮麗,關心著我和你。The blue sky is all so radiant, taking care of you and me
藍天希望每一個人,有一副好身體。。The blue sky hopes that everyone has a healthy body.
白白的白雲飄向萬里,關心著我和你。White clouds drifting towards eternity, taking caring for you and me.
白雲喜見每一個人,不斷的練身體。White clouds welcome everyone’s daily exercise for a strong body.
有體力有智力,健全的身心有活力。To have physical rigor, mental toughness, and holistic vitality.
有動力有耐力,旺盛的精神有毅力。To have strength, endurance, and lively spirit to continue onwards.
藍天和白雲時常祝福, 祝福呀我和你。Blue sky and white clouds often bless you and me.
身體健康精神飽滿,好快樂好歡喜。A healthy body and a lively spirit, very happy very grateful.
Continue reading

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March 1

Spring Green

Spring Green

綠的心情Spring Green

春天有綠的心情 溫溫柔柔 輕巧巧 Spring has a green feeling: warm, tender, soft and gentle.

它用綠化的手,叫醒冬眠的大地. Using its green hands to wake up the hibernating Earth.

春天有綠的心情 溫溫柔柔 輕巧巧 Spring has a green feeling: warm, tender, soft and gentle

它用慈悲的心 催促可愛新生命 It uses a compassionate heart to breath in new life.

它讓人們也有綠的心情 共同做大地的園丁 It harvests the green heart to nurture the gardeners in us.

它讓人們也有溫柔心情 歡喜做大地的園丁 It uses a mild heart for those to be grateful in their gardens. Continue reading

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March 1

Earth Child

Earth Child

地球的孩子 Earth child

我們都有一個願望,沒有煩惱快樂成長。We all have a dream, to have no worries and to grow up happy.

不管你站在什麼地方,抬起頭都是一樣的太陽。Regardless of where you stand, looked up and it is all the same sun.

我們都是地球的孩子,上天為我們寫下不同的故事。We are all children of the Earth,                God writes different stories for us

有人高,有人壯,有人需要我們幫忙。Some tall, some strong, Some need our help

展開雙手,請你和我一起唱。Open the palms of your hand, and sing with me

吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 吼嘿吼 咿嘿吼 嘿吼 Continue reading

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January 1

New Year Rhyme

New year rhyme ppt

一斤花生 兩斤棗,好運 經常 跟你跑。One pound of peanuts two pounds of dates, Good luck often runs with you.

三斤蘋果 四斤梨,吉祥 和你 不分離。Three pounds of apples four pounds of pears, Luck and you don’t separate.

五斤桔子 六斤蕉,財源滾滾 進腰包。Five pounds of oranges and six pounds of banana, Money rolls into your pockets.

七斤葡萄 八斤橙,願你 心想 事就成Seven pounds of grapes and eight pounds of oranges, May all your wishes come true.

九斤芒果 十斤瓜,願你 天天 樂開花。Nine pounds of mangoes and ten pounds of melons, Wish your happiness blooms every day. Continue reading

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January 1


mother T

媽媽 您是一棵 大樹,Mom, you are a big tree

我是樹上的小毛蟲I am the caterpillar on the tree.

我每天吃樹上的葉子I eat the leaves on the tree every day.

媽媽沒有怨言,Mother holds no grudges.

媽媽您這一棵大樹,Mother you are a grand tree.

還是不停的長出新葉子,Still is constantly growing new leaves,

使我成長使我茁壯,Letting me mature and become stronger

媽媽我們感恩您Mother we are grateful. Continue reading

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