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第四課 新年到

Dear Students,

Chinese new year is a very important festival in most Chinese families.

This week, you may find there are a lot of new vocabulary in the following learning materials. Do not panic!

You do not need to memorize all of them, but please try to browse and read these materials as many times as possible.

I am pretty sure you will have better understanding if you review them again and again.

Now, let us find out how special it is!


[影片]  暖身活動  


[聲音]  課文聽讀練習  

[動畫]  筆順習寫練習

[文件]  句型書寫練習
[動畫]  文化補充教材


※作業  Homework 


As usual, please use  Vocaroo  to record your homework, and post the link of your recording in the ‘reply’ column below by next Monday. Do not forget to leave your name in the reply column.

Team ONE please answer:


2.  請問他們在做什麼?  https://youtu.be/fE1mQ3CXswk


Team TWO please answer:


2.  請問他們在做什麼? https://youtu.be/IqFRcFwCWWw

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