September 1

Chinese 1A Lesson Plan

2023~2024     Chinese中文   (5th / 6th / 7th grade)
Lesson Plan : Chinese 1A

Class Structure: following current Ashbrook School Guideline

This class will provide a foundation for Chinese pronunciation, everyday communication skills and recognition of advanced Chinese words.  The class will start with the introduction of verbal Han Yu phonetics followed by learning sentence formation through phonetics input on the computer.  Traditional and modern Chinese songs will continue to play a big part in the process of advanced word recognition.  Hands-on experiences such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, and Origami (paper folding) will also be offered as the culture activities.


The homework for the class is the daily review of the class material and content which will be posted on the Google classroom.


A short quiz will be given and corrected during each class period.  The quizzes are designed to ensure the student’s knowledge can be built up continuously from one week to the other.

 Class Review:

There will be a class blog updated on the daily basis throughout the whole school year where we will post the recording videos and photos of all in class performances and classroom activities for students and parent to review.


Ni Hao”, “Let’s Learn Chinese” andSpeak Mandarin in One Thousand Wordswill be used as the overall blueprint for the course.  In addition to these three textbooks, I have also acquired a set of reference books and incorporated the supplemental information into the teaching materials.

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