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Chinese 2B/2D Lesson Plan

2023~2024       Chinese中文  (6th/8th grade)
Lesson Plan:  Chinese 2B/2D

Class Structure: following current Ashbrook School Guideline

Everyday communication and conversational skills in Chinese will be heavily emphasized in this class.  Students will develop these skills by participating in a series of hands-on cultural activities (such as traditional Chinese painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Tai Chi, food, and crafts).  The activities and lesson topics are presented in both interactive multimedia context and collaborative group work.  Students will also learn Chinese typing skills using Han Yu phonics.  In order to create an immersive Chinese speaking environment, students are required to express themselves in Chinese during the course of the class.
Following the current Ashbrook school guideline, Students will using the google classroom set out to turn in works.


The homework will come from the review of in-class materials emphasized through the verbal and vocal communication exercises.  There is a Chinese speaking policy in the classroom which allows me to gauge student’s learning progress and provide improvement strategy when needed.  Student’s in class presentation will be recorded and I will provide just-in-time feedback to student.  Students can also review the recording of their presentations after the class for further improvement and refinement. Additionally, the mp3 audio clips of Chinese pronunciations of each word in the given assignment will be provided (as the online link).  The repository of these audio clips will be available online throughout the school year and I highly recommend students to review this material as often as they can.


A short quiz will be given and corrected during each class period.  The quizzes will base on student’s continuous learning from one week to the other throughout the school year.  I have also created a huge set of Quizlet games to complement the teaching materials and allow students enjoy learning effectively with fun.

Class Review:

There will be a class blog updated on the daily basis throughout the whole school year where we will post the recording videos and photos of all in class performances and classroom activities for students and parent to review.


Let’s Learn Chinese”, “Speak Mandarin in One Thousand Words” and MeiZhou Chinese will be used as the overall blueprint for the course.  In addition to these three text books, I have also acquired a set of reference books and incorporated the supplemental information into the teaching materials.


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