September 1

Kindergarten Lesson Plan

2023~2024                       Chinese中文       (Kindergarten)
Lesson Plan:

Class Structure:
This class is designed to help student learn how to read and speak Chinese language as well as getting familiar with Chinese culture using the mixture of traditional Chinese songs, interactive multimedia, crafts and a series of hands-on activities using Smart Board, PowerPoint and Video Application.  Students will learn to count in Chinese, and how to follow rules in Chinese.  Basic American Sign Language will also be used to link and enhance the basic Chinese words learning.  Students will be immersed in thirty minutes of Chinese language each class period.  Aside from classroom style learning experiences, student will also learn the Lion dance and Drum dance and perform in the Ashbrook Festival and other Corvallis community events.

There are no specific homework assignments for this class.  However, class materials for each lesson (text, worksheet, videos, audio files) can be accessed online in both class blog and Google Classroom.

Class Review:
There will be a class blog updated on the daily basis throughout the whole school year where we will post the recording video of all in class performances and classroom activities.

Living Mandarin Kindergarten” will be used as the teaching foundation for this course.  Additional learning materials from a set of reference books (Ni Hao, Better Chinese) have also been adopted in creating the overall teaching material.

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