Monthly Archives: November 2020

The test consists five parts: numbers, colors, characters, vocabulary and sentences. The students are encouraged to review the materials before taking the test. They may choose to retake the test in an effort to attain better scores. Parents: Please have your student(s) finish the test and send me pictures of his/her final scores by Dec. 2, 2020.

  1. Part One: numbers: take the test
  2. Part Two: colors: take the test
  3. Part Three: characters: review / take the test
  4. Part Four: vocabulary: review / take the test
  5. Part Five: sentences: review / take the test

This week's homework assignment is as follows:
1. Workbook 1 P.51, Part C (listen and circle the corresponding pictures)
2. Workbook 1 P.51, Part D (listen and circle the sentences that you hear)
3. Workbook 1 P. 52, Part E (Listen to the dialog. then use the numbers to answer the questions.)
4. Review Lesson Five's vocabulary and example sentences on Quizlet, and make your own sentences with these words:

* 很喜歡 (hěn xǐhuān) like... very much
* 太...了 (tài...le) too...

5. Write and , five times for each word.