Week3 線上生字筆劃(e-stroke)練習+Michael Phelps Learning Mandarin + “注音小鍵盤"/ “拼音小鍵盤"





筆順練習:(Please practice at least 2 times)









 Project2: Michael Phelps Learning Mandarin

(1)我們來聽聽Michael Phelps 在影片裏學了那些中國字和句子?Please list the Chinese characters, phrases and the sentences, Michael Phelps just learned . 

(2) 你覺得他有那些字的發音需要改進的嗎?Any words or sentences, you think you can help him to improve his pronunciation? 




可以利用注音輸入法輸入中文字在輸入區中。按一下複製鈕即可將輸入的中文字複製到剪貼簿中 按逗號()鈕可以將虛擬鍵盤改為標點符號輸入 輸入錯誤時可以利用虛擬鍵盤的退位鍵()來刪除注音或國字

感謝顏國雄老師的精心設計及慷慨分享注音小鍵盤”/ 拼音小鍵盤

30 thoughts on “Week3 線上生字筆劃(e-stroke)練習+Michael Phelps Learning Mandarin + “注音小鍵盤"/ “拼音小鍵盤"

  1. 林道波

    你好, 女孩子, 男孩子, 果汁, 茶, 水, 報紙, 他在吃飯, 男人, 女人, 這個你孩子在河水

  2. 妳好,我是杜欣顏. Michael Phelps 學了”你好”,”女孩子”,”男孩子”,”果汁”,”茶”,”水”,”報子”,”他在吃飯”,”男人”,”女人”,還有”這個女孩子在喝水”.他的發音要多練習.

  3. Hi Ethen, you are Amazing No. 7. Sometime, when too many students try to submit their comment online in the same time, the system will got traffic jam. Sorry, and please try to submit again later.

  4. Hi Amanda:you are Amazing No. 6. And when you try to type”女”, please use “n”+”v”+”3″聲就可以了。 

  5. Lao Shi,
    We were not able to submit the answer on the comment box, keeps getting error messages and loosing the data.
    Here is the reply Ethan was trying to post to the site:
    1. Michael Phelps learned:

    你 好, 果汁, 水,茶, 男 人,

    女 人, 男孩子,女 孩子

    2. He should use correct tones.

    Ethan’s mom

  6. 我是余子維
    Michael Phelps 的話: 你好 男人 男孩子
    果汁 茶水 報紙 他在吃飯 這個孩子在喝水

    Cai Lao Shi, I can not type in \”女\” in Chinese.
    Thank you.

  7. He learned:



  8. 他學了: 你好, 男孩子,女孩子,果汁,茶,水,報紙,他在吃飯,男人, 女人, 這個女孩子在喝水。

    他應該多練習:果汁,他在吃飯, 和 這個女孩子在喝水。

  9. 你好,女人,女孩子,男孩子,男人,果汁,茶,水,報紙,他在吃飯,這個女孩子在喝水

  10. Dear Joseph: You are great!!You only 2nd gread and I can see your effort. Keep going!!you are Amazing No. 3.(+3)

  11. 惟思:你太有幽默感了,”他應該有一個“亞洲”的舌頭。這樣,他可以有更好的口音。”, but wrong answer.So, I can’t issue full credit for you.

    但是你很細心,統計了重複出現的次數.所以算你完成此任務。You are Amazing No.2. (+4)

  12. 哇!你們實在太優秀了.老師才吃個飯,休息一下, 就有這麼多同學上傳答案,老師實在太感動了.
    (1)Project2 due date 是 9/18.(答覆張雅筑)and (2)you need to turn in both answers + in Chinese or Hanyu Pinyin, not English. 所以Arthur and Emily both not completed yet.所以(3)王子強is first winner this time.

  13. Cai Laoshi:

    Below are the word or sentences that Michael Phelps said:
    你 好 hello
    男 頦 字 boy
    女 頦 字 girl
    果 汁 fruit juice
    茶 tea(cha)
    水 water
    報 紙 baozhi (newspaper)
    他 在 吃 飯 ta zai chi fan( he is eating rice)
    男人 nan ren (men)
    女人 nu ren (women)
    這 個 女頦 字 在 喝 水 zhe ge nu hai zi zai he shui(this girl is drinking water)

    Michael Phelps needs to practice pronouncing the “Z” in Chinese. So he needs to improve on all the words that has the letter z in it.

  14. English:

    What Michael learned was:hello,male(four times), orange juice(three times), tea ,water, newspaper, he is eating food, boy, this kid is drinking water (three times)

    To Michael should practice until he has an “asian” tongue. That way, he could have better accent.

    wesley sheng





  15. 你好

    他 在 喝 水
    男 人
    女 人
    這 個 女 孩 子 在 喝 水
    Michael Phelps needs to improve the pronunciation of the following characters:
    果 , 茶, 在, 男, 這, 喝

  16. michael phelps said hi, girl, newspaper, book, he is eating, tea, water, this girl is drinking water, boy, juice.he needs a better mandarin tongue to improve his mandarin.

  17. Hi 張雅筑 Emily:

    注音小鍵盤和拼音小鍵盤是給那些還不會打中文的小朋友使用的.像你早已經會打中文的就用不著了. (+1)


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