FDCS–9/7 開學了!!!

Education Concept

準備開學囉!!   今年學校預計大多數班級均採線上課程,僅少部份班級我們採取實體課. 請密切和您的老師連繫,準備好九月十九日的開學.

請各家長於九月十二日,上午10點到12點到學校領書,進學校時請遵守所有防疫法規,感謝各位, 如果還未報名註冊的同學,各至現場報名,或請洽林校長,

780-993-3030. 我們九月十九日開學日見!  今年註冊費用因應疫情關係,學費調降,上課時間亦改為 10:00~12:00. 請大家配合和保重!

Ready to come back Chinese school! This year ,most of the classes will adopt online courses, and only a few of the classes will adopt physical courses. 
Please keep in touch with your teacher and get ready for the start of school on September 19.
Parents are requested to pick up the books from the school on September 12, 10 am to 12 am. Please abide by all epidemic prevention laws when entering 
the school. Thank you, if you have not yet registered, please register on the spot, or please contact Lin principal,780-993-3030. 

See you on the opening day of September 19! This year's registration fee has been reduced , and the class time has also been changed to 10:00~12:00. 
Please cooperate and take care!