June 7

Healthy Food (六)

健康的食物 Healthy Food


Mom: Today I stir-fried a big plate of spinach. You all have to eat a little more.


John: Mom, green vegetables are what I hate the most. I only want to eat fish and chicken legs.

媽媽:不可以。你每次一看到青菜就說不吃。如果你想長 高長大,每一類食物都要吃。

Mom: You can’t do that. Every time you see a green vegetable you say you won’t eat it. If you want to grow up to be big and tall, you have to eat all kinds of food.


Gary: Different kinds of food are nutritious in different ways and are good for the body in different ways. You shouldn’t be a picky eater.

華中:你也不喜歡喝牛奶啊!而且你也不吃蘋果。 John: You don’t like to drink milk! And you don’t eat apples, either.


Gary: But I eat eggs and tofu, and I love to eat cheese. These things are all nutritious.


John: Grandma is a vegetarian. Does she not get enough nutrition?


Mom: It’s not like that. Being a vegetarian is great. As long as you eat all kinds of green vegetables, legumes, and fruits, then it’s very good for your health.



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