Ability is very strong

Every month, two eggs, and two small pigeons. A few years time, the pigeons have a dozen, rent apartments in hong kongbrother of pigeons are the more hard, get up early every day dawning of genius, feeding the birds chased up to fly for a while, he threw back his head and look for a moment, then hurriedly wash dinner to go to school. The first thing to do is to feed the pigeons to fly, the crazy expression, so that I can not think seo companyof the solution. In the eyes of his brother, the pigeons seemed to be all the world of his youth, he also gave them all the love. Aiwujiwu, brother as the home of an only child, mother to his nature also indulged, at that time the house Chiliang are not well-off, five or six months a year are lean times, than ten pigeons a year also feed a lot of food, my mother would rather live frugally, Veda Salonnor against brother pigeons.