Why do women tend to leak urine? Why do women tend to leak urine when they sneeze or laugh?

Sneezing is still very common. Almost all adult women have similar problems. Some women not only leak urine when they sneeze, but they even leak after running, working out, or even laughing. This problem not only brings embarrassment to women’s lives, but also leaves urine residue on their clothing, which cannot be washed in time, and breeds bacteria that can affect women’s health.

Why are women more likely to leak urine?

Leakage is more common in women, which means that women have a special physiological time: pregnancy. The hormone levels drop after childbirth and it is difficult to recover effectively for a short period of time, so normal metabolism cannot be maintained and urine leakage can occur. Generally speaking, women who give birth naturally have a relaxed sphincter and are more likely to leak than women who give birth by other means. However, there is no need to worry. The woman should pay attention to the postpartum period and do some muscle exercises, such as anal lifting exercises, which will improve after a while 夜診.

By the age of 45-55, urine leakage can also become a common problem. The most common problem for women is that they go through menopause and their hormone production decreases, so their tissues start to lose their ability to function and their muscles gradually relax. Urine leaks out quickly when stimulated by sneezing, laughing and strenuous exercise. What women should do during menopause is to adjust their mindset and look at this physiological process correctly. The body’s function will adjust accordingly after the psychological change, and the problem of urine leakage will improve significantly.

Why is it that women who have never had children and are not too old are leaking urine?

Even if you are young and have never had a baby, you can still leak urine. The lack of exercise, emotional turmoil, and stressful jobs can affect your hormone levels, making you vulnerable to problems such as urine leakage. In addition, a more common cause is central obesity.

Central obesity is simply the accumulation of too much fat in the abdomen. When a woman has a lot of fat in her abdomen, it can put pressure on other parts of her body and prevent her from controlling her urine effectively. Not only that, because the fat is too much, the muscles will become flabby, the binding force of the urine will also be weakened. Whenever there is a slight urge to urinate, urine will leak out when stress reactions such as laughing or sneezing occur.

Only in terms of BMI, a BMI greater than or equal to 30 is considered obese, and further determination of whether a woman is centrally obese depends primarily on her waist and hip circumference. Female waist circumference greater than 88 cm, or waist-hip ratio greater than 0.9, belong to the central obesity. Such a woman will encounter many problems, and urinary leakage is just one of them, and weight control is a sure way to alleviate these problems 尿滲問題.

Exercise and moderate dieting are effective ways to control weight, but they may not cure the root cause. No matter what kind of weight loss, the end result will rebound because of poorly controlled hormone levels. Women’s body hormones can promote fat metabolism, to help regulate body weight. Long-term in a state of disorder, then the good way to lose weight will not work. And the culprit of the disorder, that is, long-term late night, nervousness, spicy diet, etc., can not be improved from these aspects, the weight can not be controlled, leakage will also occur.

When you sneeze, don’t just attribute it to age, childbirth, etc., but also to your own irregular life and lack of weight control. In this way, men also leak urine, but not as often as women.

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