What insurance should I buy for women’s diseases?

Because the body structure of a woman is very different from that of a man, breast nodules, uterine fibroids, cervicitis, thyroid nodules, ovarian cysts and other diseases will occur when they become pregnant after marriage. There are many stories on the Internet saying-to endure breast hyperplasia for a while, take a step back for uterine fibroids, but what insurance is better for women’s diseases?

What kind of insurance should I buy for women’s diseases?

The common diseases of women are nothing more than breast disease, cervical disease, uterine disease, ovarian disease, pregnancy complications, etc. For the above diseases, what kind of insurance is better for women’s diseases?

(1) Multiple female diseases: Women usually buy critical illness insurance and medical insurance. If there are multiple female diseases, there are usually more than three diseases. Even if it is a minor illness, it may be good to buy critical illness insurance, but it is generally refused to buy medical insurance. Prior to this, when Xi Caijun’s friend was underwriting a large insurance company, it was uterine fibroids, breast hyperplasia, and cervical erosion. Critical illness insurance is a standard underwriting, except for medical insurance liabilities.

(2) If women’s disease is refused insurance: Female friends can also consider benefiting people insurance, if their own conditions are better, tax-friendly health insurance can also be considered eclaims;

About the content analysis of what insurance to buy for women’s diseases. But many diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids and so on. If it has little impact on life, don’t worry too much. If you buy medical insurance and critical illness insurance, as long as it is not particularly serious, the possibility of standard coverage is also very high. Underwriting results are divided into standard underwriting, liability exclusion underwriting and extension, denial of insurance and premium underwriting, of which standard underwriting is the most perfect underwriting status, followed by premium underwriting.

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