How to purchase accident insurance and critical illness insurance?

1. Accident insurance

Life insurance is a product that specializes in providing accident insurance. Therefore, this type of product does not have high requirements on the health of the insured. Generally, you can insure as long as you work and live. The age limit is also very relaxed, and some products can support up to 70.80-year-old people to insure. However, it should be noted that accident insurance has stricter requirements for the occupations insured. It is difficult for high-risk occupations to purchase accident insurance, and the price will be quite expensive.

When purchasing accident insurance, the most important thing to pay attention to is accident medical insurance. It is recommended to give priority to products that can be reimbursed by unlimited social insurance 100%, annual deductible limit or low deductible, and sufficient accident medical insurance. Ping An Property & Casualty Orange Guardian Accident Insurance performed well cif.

2. Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance, also known as loss of income insurance, can be used to protect against the risk of serious illness. Usually can provide serious illness, mild illness, life, death and other protection. There are many types of critical illness insurance on the market, including consumption type, return type, savings type, regular critical illness insurance, lifelong critical illness insurance, etc. The price of critical illness insurance is relatively high, so be careful when you buy it.

If the premium budget is sufficient, consider return type critical illness insurance and savings type critical illness insurance. If the premium budget is tight, consider consumer critical illness insurance products.

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