第四週 聯絡單

《第四週 回家功課》Week 4 Homework  9/24/2017

*** Please click and download 華語向前走第五冊課文和作業本 for Text Book 5 & Workbook A & B PDF and CD files.

*** Please spend 15~20 minutes on your homework and try your best to finish all.

1. 錄音作業recording:Please read following as fluently as posible.  **Please record after practicing 3 times. (You can listen the CD first to correct your pronunciation.)

這個學期 ,我們學校增加了一些文化課 , 如果你們有興趣的話 可以參加 。 書 法 ,我已經學過兩 年 了 ,從這學期開始 我想學國畫 。 除了書法課 ,還有扯 鈴 、民族舞 、國畫和 圍 棋 。 我想學圍棋 ,也想學 扯 鈴 ,真難決定 ,你 們可以給我一點建議 嗎 ? 老 師 ,請問有哪些 課 ? 我一直想學民族舞 , 這學期終於有民族 舞課了 ,真 好 ! 我想上書法課 。因 為我二年級的時候 學過一點 ,對書法 很有興趣 。 去年文化週的時候 , 我看了扯鈴表演 , 覺得扯鈴比溜溜球 難多了 。我們一起 去學吧 !

2. Quizlet:第一課 Lesson 1: Please do at least – learn / flashcards / test   

3. On line test: Please click to take the test 第一課.  ***Please finish the test in 30 minutes.

《校內通知》          第四週 九月二十四日

• 10/1文化課是鳳梨酥,上課時間如下,:
1:30-2:30 成長二,茁壯一,畢業班
2:40-3:30種籽班,萌芽二,CFL INTRO & CFL INTER
• 請家長與全校同學共同維護Jefferson Junior High School 的整潔;不
• 上課時間是1:30pm至3:30pm. 敬請準時.如果在1:25 pm前到達,請先至
Room 226等候,勿直接進入教室。
• 學校辦公室及家長休息室設在226教室.
. We will have field trip to Chinatown on Saturday 10/7.
Event detail and sign-up sheet will send by separate email once
details are finalized.

• 10/1 Culture class pineapple cake — class time as below:
1:30-2:30 heritage classes
2:40-3:30 CFL intro and intermediate
• Parents and students please help us keep Jefferson Junior High
School clean.   No food and drink are allowed in the classrooms.
Classroom setup needs to be returned to its original state.
• School hours are from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Students and parents
should wait at Room 226 if arriving before 1:25pm. Please DO
NOT enter classroom.
• GDA office / Parent waiting room is Room 226.

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