第七週 聯絡單


《第七週 回家功課》Week 7 Homework  10/22/2017

*** Please click and download 華語向前走第五冊課文和作業本 for Text Book 5 & Workbook A & B PDF and CD files.

*** Please spend 15~20 minutes on your homework and try your best to finish all.

1. 作業本B:workbook B page 17

2. bingo B502: Please finish the bingo sheet and bring to class. **Parents: please make sure to ask your kid to bring it in. 請家長務必檢查書包,將完成的賓果紙放進書包。

3. 漢語拼音練習:pinyin

4. Please copy the below phrases and paste to the link   to practice till 100% correct for 3 times and reply. **請迴響。

月亮 餅  陰 陽曆 賞 嫦娥奔 查 代表 全家 柚子 團圓 晚會 中秋節 重要 邊 喝茶 禮拜 為什麼 哪 故事 聽過

5. 錄音作業Recording:workbook B page 15

6. 第二課小考:10/29在課堂上舉行。 Quiz of lesson 2 will be held in the class on 10/22.

《校內通知》第七週 十月二十二日

• 10/29國劇臉譜投票,同學和家長都可以參加,請家長帶糖果來學校,我們
• 請家長與全校同學共同維護Jefferson Junior High School 的整潔;不
• 上課時間是1:30pm至3:30pm. 敬請準時.如果在1:25 pm前到達,請先至
Room 226等候,勿直接進入教室。
• 學校辦公室及家長休息室設在226教室.

• 10/29 Chinese opera mask voting. Students and parents are
welcome to participate. Parents, please bring candy to school.
We will make treat bags for the students.
• Parents and students please help us keep Jefferson Junior High
School clean.   No food and drink are allowed in the
classrooms.  Classroom setup needs to be returned to its
original state.
• School hours are from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Students and
parents should wait at Room 226 if arriving before 1:25pm.
Please DO NOT enter classroom.
• GDA office / Parent waiting room is Room 226.

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