Should I choose white or flowers when buying tableware?

Let’s talk about ceramic tableware first. Whether it is Japanese porcelain or Chinese bone china, it can basically be divided into pure white tableware and colorful tableware. The prerequisite for discussing whether it is healthy is that we know how the color of the tableware is formed. The general color refers to the firing of Tao Pi, adding glaze color, and then coloring. Because of the bright colors, the pigment will add some metals or other substances, that is, heavy metals that people are afraid of. Of course, many dyes are minerals, which are still very healthy. Then, whether the color is above or below the glaze, the flower under the glaze is underglaze, which is a relatively healthy material; the flower on the top is the overglaze, and it is difficult to distinguish whether it contains heavy metals. Therefore, if you distinguish between overglaze and underglaze, and distinguish between natural pigments and heavy metal pigments, you don’t have to worry too much about whether it is white or flowery when choosing tableware.

Of course, if you find it too troublesome and difficult to judge whether the tableware is healthy, one of the easiest ways is to choose lead-free, mercury-free, and uncoated white glass tableware. It is made of hard quartz sand and pure clay, and its hardness is three times that of ordinary ceramics. And it is pore-free, lipophilic, and basically no dishwashing detergent. The most important thing is not to worry that the tableware you choose is not healthy enough, because the whole process from the material to the production process is healthy. On the glass, the development and inheritance of white glass tableware, his various tableware are good choices印花陶瓷杯.

Then, everyone has a different perspective on the appreciation of beauty. The reflective effect of white tableware will be better, so the dishes themselves will be more delicious. If you like this simple and attractive style of food, this is a good choice; we appreciate plates with colors. If you like flowers, this is also a good choice.

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