What is the situation of night sweats at night? What is the reason?


People who have been sweating, must have been sweating profusely in their sleep, wanted to sleep until dawn, but woke up in the middle of the night, but found that they were soaked all over, very uncomfortable, they were forced to interrupt their sleep, and specifically to wipe the sweat Or change clothes. It is obvious that the indoor temperature is not high, and the quilt and underwear are not too thick. Why do you sweat in the middle of the night? Is it like sweating and waking up in the summer night?

The definition of night sweats

Night sweating generally refers to a situation where the external environment is stuffy, too much clothing, and the body is too thick, and a lot of sweating during sleep at night.

It is sweat, what is the difference between sweating, excessive sweating and night sweats?

Sweat, generally refers to the environment temperature is too high. After sweltering or increased body temperature after exercise, the brain will coordinate on its own, expelling sweat through the sweat glands, so that the body temperature will return to the normal physiological regulation mechanism. Usually, the body will feel the body after perspiration. Comfortable.

Excessive sweating, also known as spontaneous sweating, the amount of water discharged by sweating far exceeds the sultry environment. Excessive sweating can spread to the whole body or parts, such as face, armpits, palms, back, etc., which will affect the patient’s health Interpersonal relationships and daily life wireless monitoring.

Night sweats refer to the condition of having cold sweats without the influence of any external factors. The most common situation is excessive sweating when sleeping at night, and may also be accompanied by frailty and sickness.

Causes of sleep and night sweats.

In fact, night sweats are a reaction symptom, not a disease! There are many reasons for night sweats, whether it is a change in lifestyle, physiological changes, or mental changes.

1. Diet, such as work rest and physical condition.

Excessive obesity not only causes night sweats, but also causes many diseases.

Drinking too much will speed up blood circulation. In addition, alcohol is a high-calorie food. Ingesting a lot of calories can also cause sweating symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended to drink moderately.

Overwork or chronic fatigue, when the degree of physical fatigue (stay up late, work or exercise) exceeds the load, it may cause night sweats; some chronic fatigue patients can also experience night sweats.

2. Psychological factors.

Severe psychological and psychological fluctuations will also affect the changes in the body’s function. At this time, night sweats show this. This is due to mental tension, excessive stress, excessive panic, extreme anxiety, excessive anger, and depression.

3. Pathogenic factors.

When people suffer from several diseases, they are also prone to night sweats.

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