as one of the cheer for you

Say you simple, because you sound, hard to find in any place hong kong macau guangdong food tour , the first thing you see is the view of the village, far look civil structure of the building, was surrounded by all kinds of green trees tightly, back and forth the chicken, dog, cattle and sheep, and for the life around the hustle and bustle of the villagers, outlined unique rural amorous feelings;

Is the most beautiful in the countryside, the villagers shouts, between the unforgettable is when the mother do eat rice called child voice: “ball Eva, Eva…” , “ah…” , have a meal “…” , and after the hens lay eggs “eggs, giggling egg… sound, sound dog bites, cowboy herding scene play sound, the democratic cockcrow, sound together with thick agrestic breath LED PAR SPotlight , spread the numerous touching songs.

Most can’t forget is the farmers’ hard work, their grandparents facing the loess back, eat one relies on day, by eating, has brought up how many Chinese people.

Said you good, because you used the ancestors generation of the upright character, family virtues passed down, inherit and develop the local folk, CunFeng, pregnancy/how much be the offspring of farmers ecig reviews, come down from your offspring just born, is you gave him milk, cold is you gave him a warm, you are his first teacher, teach him to speak, learning to walk, until become the main streams in the country, generations of toil, harvest, initiative, generation after generation generation after generation generation contribution, launched many patriotic heart, this is your great mother.

Say your selfless, because you for others at all costs. Only when the home rest a meal, you would rather not to eat, left him; It isn’t cold, you have to prepare cotton-padded clothes; Action inconvenience, when you are unable to work, in order to let his school is not affected, drag in the footsteps of difficult journey 5 km away, to go to school for rice, the son of geo-thermal to school on time every month payable 30 jin rations, eventually he admitted to tsinghua university, achieved your dream; When your child is sick, you first give your blood, organs, he got a second life; In this way, you have forgotten you, until the last breath of life.

Said you harmony, because you are in a specific environment, village and village, groups, and between groups, families and households have a greatly small things, you do not fatigue, not for gu, zhang home for Li Sigu help, when your neighbour to make antinomy, you first to get his home, the first time, patient education, and mercy, but you more than a few behing wrinkles on the face, until you insist that the last seconds, you develop a young mother once again set foot on your path, and continue on your march in harmony.

In the countryside this vast world, you gave birth to the farmer’s son for many times, I, sing for you, not just because of your miss, but this melting pot exercise I in rural areas and education me, makes me gradually took to the road to success, perhaps hundreds of thousands of farmers son and I, have discarded, miss the heart of every inch of his hometown.