found that men who have a taste


‘s throat, like big brother next door which big eyes Driver Association , long eyelashes and which laughed, and splendid wine handle, feel very tasty.

Grown up, with the coffee, read Li material discovered, manly non-sexual cough up namely, nor temperament, taste is the taste. Its source za concerning man heart of coal temperature knead, clear clue, she shakes, interesting, humor, or read Li, mixed with can also drive doesn’t work.

Jing ke “wind rustling xi Yang water cold, zhuang shi one gone forever” is the taste. Xiang yu’s “born as a VIP, excrement as well as a soldier” is a taste. Su dongpo’s triumphant, disorderly kidding, innocent and reckless, is the taste. Richard gill’s not sit, only one taste and clear the main light depending on the woman’s wood, is the smell. [good za, live open is taste. Set of apron, hand grasp pancake Turner, cook is cooking. Work diligently, steadfast is taste. As yet the good, respect for the elderly to young’s taste baby outlet.

Fir residential towers around, not only the understanding to the simple life, know she hurt, it is the responsibility of regret, has the compassion, kindness, is the home of katyn renowned master, is also a social Hui glory, the taste of a man to praise of our crop of man’s soul.

Like dealing with clean, relaxed man, think they sven, a decent, though they are probably to za different class, bear she sleep to them with a good cultural atmosphere and a good psychological quality, detachment of the xian leisurely, to the person one kind of very comfortable she sleep, sometimes endure not Lord think they cast to appreciate this.

The most attractive man. It should be: have abundant deceive head, have promote the duo’s wisdom and found enough knowledge, have can promote the duo enough material and depth of thinking. Feng from heart, have extremely strong charm of love and be loved, there is a fine ability was found, and Hui give corresponding return. Promote the Ji strength enough, they can seem to do I want to do, let me have a loved one happy.

looking at the sun

Idle idle autumn day, warm afternoon, whereas the sun in my arms cycling tour hong kong guangdong , I open the door to your heart, with a pious and heart feelings cultivate one’s morality raises a gender.

The dappled sunlight scattered on the windowsill, silently, quietly small breeze slowly, shake off the throb of one season, consciously or unconsciously to 2:00 proven disorderly unbearable last night. Opened the window, the zero zero spread of photons, warm the heart. That dare not speak story, be shallow shelf time on table Angle, if it were not so easy to touch, to a brush with sadness.

Love in such a free afternoon, narrowed her eyes LPG Cellu M6, also like narrowed her eyes look at the book. , zero under the sunshine, in the warm afternoon nap for a moment is also a kind of enjoyment, happy is also very warm. Perhaps, I can quietly reading a book, maybe, I can also be peaceful to listen to music, also can easily take a nap, no matter how to choice, is comfortable affection.

Life like a journey, numerous and complicated things LED Lighting Design , but for the feeling of life, there is no empathy. Some people love fine breeze willow alone, but some people only have a special liking to purple; Some people prefer pavilions, some people just love ancient alleyway. Different tastes, different feelings, along the way, we are all walkers, their attention to the unique beauty.