reading back once in a while

Heart, someone put it there, is a collection, but once in a while, can you remember, when one is light like water marks, will rejoice deep shallow in its fullness, not to the humanitarian, exclusive to inner city, this is the miss in the autumn. Middle-aged, the idea gradually thin, like a cup of chamomile tea, a drink, a habit to drink cool tea, drink to insipidity Dream beauty pro hard sell , drink to wasting the time, and then, as a shallow light fragrance of chrysanthemum in the teeth.

Perhaps life is a gathering and separation, and some people unknowingly lost Recruitment agency hk , how to care for you, always want to leave, just as the fallen leaves in the autumn wind, falling more is helpless. Some memories are beautiful, just like that of living in the chest, such as the eight bay of flowers has far, are only suitable for collection. Some stories, when the pen up, drop is a flash in the pan, put pen to paper, but if you well, is already a bolt of the helpless.

Passages from some of the feelings, such as poetry ipv 4s review, also because of the fierceness of moved, tears drop after he realized, can be moved, also just at that moment.

There is the fate, because is undefined, so can meet, just more precious, more should cherish. Early autumn clear moon, how much will be reunited the joy of hanging on the branches, and how many don’t disappointed after wan in brow?