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1. 笔(bǐ) 画(huà) 顺(shùn) 序(xù):Click on each character to learn its stroke orders.

(The red part is its radical.)

New words

穿                                           stop


Extra words

                        西         stop

*Click to generate your own vocabulary.

2. PPT

3. Quizlet

Quizlet-L14 Clothing

4. PurposeGames (Click the image to open the link.)

L14-Clothing (1)           PurposeGames-L14 Clothing (2)

5. StudyStack (Click the image to open)

Studystack-L14 Clothing

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  1. 表示:

    Hi Lao Shi! I had a lot of fun doing this activities and games. We should do this more often. We have fun and we learn so its very productive.
    Thank you !

  2. 表示:

    lao shi I like a lot the digital resources for studying chinese. I am going to try to do them to study and practice.

  3. 表示:

    lao shi! this two tools were very useful for my learning, and studying for the dpt! This blog is very good, and I think is a very fun way to learn!

  4. 表示:

    lao shi, thank you for this page… it is great and we can learn a lot!

  5. 表示:

    Nin hao lao shi! I finally can post a comment in this page. It has been very fun to play this games in the page and the videos. They helped me a lot to study for the exams and to understand the lessons.
    Xie Xie

  6. 表示:

    Thank you lao shi for all the work and time, you put on this web page, which helps us a lot to study. I really enjoy the games, and they are very useful…
    even though I still have some doubt, it helps me alot.
    Thank you.

  7. 表示:

    Hi lao shi..
    Thank for creating this blog it is very usefull for studying. it is fun to study with games because i can enjoy learning chinese and putting what I learnt in class on practice.
    good bye and thank you..

  8. yamila表示:


    I am so glad you like my blog. Yes, I spend a lot of time managing it, I hope you can come to practice and play as often as you can. Of course, leave me message also. Learning Chinese is fun!

  9. 表示:

    Nin hao Cheng Lao Shi!
    Thank you very much for posting these amazing games in your blog, they have helped me so much to learn the yi fu and the yan se. I have reached the highest points in a game in colours and in another one of clothes, Im so proud!
    I hope you keep on posting these games to help me practice my chinese so I keep learning, because with this games I am enjoying it so much! See you on Thursday and I hope we do very well this Saturday on the Talent Show.
    XOXO, Maia F.

  10. yamila表示:


    Congradulations! I am so happy to see you progress so much in Chinese and your scores in these games. Of course, I will keep uploading new games for you to practice. Remember to practice Chinese even I don’t teach you in the future.


  11. 表示:

    dear lao shi
    great game the one that you had posted on the blog, it is a lot of fun and at the same time i can improve my chinese.