1. 笔(bǐ) 画(huà) 顺(shùn) 序(xù):Click on each character to learn the stroke orders.

(The read part is its radical.)

Text 1


Text 2

                                                    穿         stop

*Click to generate your own vocabulary.

2. Quizlet (You can study the "flashcards", "test" and play "scatter" games, etc…)

Remember to "sign in" first. When you sign in, you need to put the age over 13 years old, or you will not permitted to play the game.

Quizlet-B2-L3 Making Phone Calls 打電話 (text 1)              Quizlet-B2-L3 Making Phone Calls 打電話 (text 2)


3. GoAnimate


Conversations: text 1-2

                     text 2-1

                     text 2-2

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    Lao Shi hao:

    In the Scatter game in the Quizlet website I made a time of 39 seconds which it is not so good but I could do it. See you in class!!

    Felipe M 7MB

  2. yamila表示:


    Because you haven’t learned this lesson yet. But I am glad you practiced it.