This video is recently posted by the students of Harvard university, and the subtitles are all in Traditional Chinese characters (正體字 zhèng tǐ zì). Tell me how many characters can you recognize?


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  1. 表示:

    Lao Shi Hao:
    Very good video about the Harvard students singing in chinese. Are we going to sing in chinese? I hope we do so. See you in class!!!

    Zai Jian! Felipe M 7MB

  2. yamila表示:

    Yes! Of course we will sing more Chinese songs. You have learned how to sing “Happy birthday” in Chinese, tomorrow I will teach you another new song.
    再(zài) 見(jiàn) !

  3. 表示:

    nin hao lao shi
    I could recognize this characters then the video didnt charge any more

  4. 表示:


    It’s great you can recognize some characters. In the future, you will be able to recognize more.