13th Week of Spring Semester (4/30-5/20/2017)

1.請完成第三冊美洲華語作業本第十課(L10W2,W3) 168,169-179 頁練習。

Please finish MeiZhou Chinese Level Three practicing sheets Lesson Ten (L10W2,W3) ,page 168,169-179 .

2.請完成第三冊美洲華語作業本第十課 180/190 頁,使用壁報紙詢問父母寫下所有資料並且練習下次上課述説,以期末考計算分數
Please finish the sheet page 180/190 (Search for you family’s origin).
Using the poster paper and inquiring with your parents and stating the country,continents of people that were born. You need to practice to tell everyone in the class on 5/21. The score will be counted as the final exam.


Please read textbooks one hundred two to one hundred five story and prepare to answer the following questions (select at least three questions to answer) and recording these chosen questions and
answers with the whole sentences. Please try to recite all the answers before you will do the recording .

1.中中和媽媽去哪買鳳梨? Where did Zhong-zhong and Mom go to get the big pineapple?

2.玉米包餅是哪國的食物? The people of which country eat burritos most often?

3.哪國的人民最愛吃泡菜? The people of which country love kimchi?

4.中國在美洲還是亞洲? ? Is China in America or Asia?

5.大家帶的食物中都有一樣什麽東西? What was the common ingredient in every dish?

click the following link(the words-go recording) and will help you to record and submit the ehomework.

(due time: 5/20/2017  9:30 PM)

準備錄音 go recording

我的錄音結果與老師評論my recording and comment from teacher