11th Week of Spring Semester (4/02-4/23/2017)

1.請完成第三冊美洲華語作業本第九課 第三周157-161,162 頁練習;完成189頁自己做一張卡片給媽媽慶祝母親節。

Please finish MeiZhou Chinese Level Three practicing sheets Lesson nine (L9W3 )page 157-162 ;Mother’s Day is coming soon, what are you going to give your mom for present? She will be delighted if you can make a card for her.

2.請詳讀課本第九十二至九十五頁故事,回答以下問題 並且錄音,錄音前請盡力練習答案再行錄音。(最遲不要超過這星期六晚上九時三十分繳交錄音功課)

Please read textbooks ninety-two to ninety-five story and prepare to answer the following questions and recording these  questions and answering with the whole sentences. Please try to recite all the answers before you will be recording .

1.青青為什麼要送媽媽禮物? Why did Qing-qing give Mom a present?

2.青青寫給媽媽的第一封信放在哪裡?Where did Qing-qing put the first letter for her Mom?

3.青青把西遊記放在哪裡?Where did Qing-qing put the book”A journey to the West” ?

4.媽媽在哪裡找到禮物? ?Where did Mom find her present?

5.為什麼媽媽說,有錢也買不到這個禮物?Why did Mom day that this present can’t be bought with all the money in the world?

(due time: 4/15/2017 9:30 PM)

準備錄音 go recording

我的錄音結果與老師評論 my recording and comment from teacher


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