8th Week of Spring Semester (3/12-3/18/2017)

1.請完成第三冊美洲華語作業本第八課 132,138-144,188 頁練習。

Please finish MeiZhou Chinese Level Three practicing sheets Lesson eight L8W3 page 132,138-144,188.


Please read textbooks eighty-two to eighty-five story and prepare to answer the following questions (select at least three questions to answer) and recording these chosen questions and answers with the whole sentences. Please try to recite all the answers before you are recording .

1.老闆說哪隻鸚鵡要賣多少錢? How much did the parrot cost according to the pet shop’s owner?

2.明明銀行裡存有多少錢?How much money did Ming-ming have in her bank account?

3.明明還需要多少錢才能買到那隻鸚鵡?How much more money did Ming-ming need to purchase the parrot ?

4.明明的檸檬汁一共賣了多少錢?How much did Ming-ming make from selling the lemonade ?

5.明明為什麼給鸚鵡取名Lemonade?Why did Ming-ming name her parrot “Lemonade”?

click the following link(the words-go recording) and will help you to record and submit the ehomework.

(due time: 3/18/2017 9:30 PM)

準備錄音 go recording

我的錄音結果與老師評論 my recording and comment from teacher
WMACS Characters Competition -2017

Group A WORDS-1 to 25

Group A WORDS-26 to 50

Group A WORDS-51 to 75

Group A WORDS-76 to 100

Group A WORDS-101 to 125

Group A WORDS-126 to 150


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