讓愛住我家Let love live in my home  

<children>: 我愛我的家弟弟爸爸I love my home; brother, dad, mom. 愛是不吵架常常陪我玩耍Love is no fighting; often play/interact with me.                    

<mom>:    我愛我的家兒子女兒我的他I love my home; son daughter my"him"(honey). 愛就是忍耐家庭所有煩雜Love is endure family's all worry/troubles.                               

<dad>:      我愛我的家I love my home, 兒子女兒我親愛的她 Son, daughter, my dear "her" (honey). 愛就是付出讓家不缺乏Love is to give; make  home no lacking  anything.                 

<together>:  讓愛天天住你家Let love live in your home, 讓愛天天住我家Let love live in my home, 不分日夜no matter day or night; or autumn, winter, spring, summer,  全心全意愛我們的家All heart all meaning to love our home. 讓愛天天住你家Let love live in your home, 讓愛天天住我家Let love live in my home, 充滿快樂擁有平安Fill happiness; own peace, 讓愛永遠住我們的家 Let love forever live in our home.                                                                

<children>: 我愛我的家弟弟爸爸媽媽 I love my home; brother, dad, mom.                               愛是不忌妒弟弟有啥我有啥Love is not jealous; Brother and I share.                                   

<mom>: 我愛我的家兒子女兒我的他I love my home; son, daughter, my "him"(honey) . 愛就是感謝不計任何代價Love is be thankful; no matter how  much it cost.                          

<dad>: 我愛我的家兒子女兒我親愛的她愛就是珍惜 時光和年華Love is to cherish time and ages.                                                      

 <together>:  讓愛天天住你家讓愛天天住我家不分日夜全心全意愛我們的家讓愛天天住你家讓愛天天住我家充滿快樂擁有平安讓愛永遠住我們的家

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【我很幸福】I am Blessed

我的雙手能觸碰這世界 I can touch the world with my hands.

I can run with my feet.  

I can see beautiful colors
with my eyes.

I can hear different music
with my ears.

I have friends to stand by me.

我的家人苦樂都與我分享 I have family to
share my joy and sorrow.

I have teacher to guide the
direction of my life.

我有未來實現心中的夢想 I have a future
to fulfill my dreams.

I am blessed, totally blessed.

當我知道還有許多人餐風露宿 There are people who are starving and homeless. 

I am blessed, totally blessed.

有人生活清苦沒有父母躲在角落裡哭 There are orphans
weeping at the corner of the city.

我應該滿足 I should feel