About Us 關於我們


Greater Portland Association of Chinese Language Schools (GPACLS) was founded in 2011 to interlink six Chinese Language Schools in Oregon and Washington.

The majority of our schools are located in the Greater Portland area.  Before the GPACLS establishment we were members of the Northwest Association of Chinese Language Schools (NWACLS).  Because our school branches surrounded much of the greater Portland area many teachers and students had to travel long distances across the state border to attend workshops and camps in Seattle where NWACLS.  This practice was unsustainable thus leading to the need and subsequent establishment of the GPACLS in 2011.

GPACLS events are sponsored by the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Seattle.  The speakers and teachers of these workshops and summer camps are professionals in their respective fields.  Many professors and educators from prestigious universities and schools in Taiwan whom have many years of Chinese language and cultural experience in teaching foreigners are among these professionals asked to join us every year.

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