6th Week of Spring Semester (2/26-3/4/2017)

1.請完成第三冊美洲華語作業本第八課 127-131 頁練習。
Please finish MeiZhou Chinese Level Three practicing sheets L8W1 page 127-131.
2.請完成課本第七十六和七十七頁課文錄音,錄音前請盡力熟讀所有課文再行錄音。(最遲不要超過 星期六 晚上九時三十分繳交錄音功課)
Please read the text of book Lesson eight seventy-six and seventy-seven and recording, Please recite all of the text before recording .(due time: before 3/4/2017 9:30 PM)
Please refer to the following link; listen carefully of pronunciation and tone; recording after you speak fluently.

You can also review and practice the words and sentences too!

Lesson 8 WORD-1

Lesson 8 Sentence-1

準備錄音 go recording

我的錄音結果與老師評論 my recording and comment from teacher


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