1. Quizlet: (study the vocabulary) You can also study it on Quizlet's website by clicking here.


2. Purpose Game:

Link to the site below to play the game. You may need to sign in first. To start playing just click on "Start", then match the Chinese characters to the images. 

Good luck and have fun!


Purpose Games- Occupations 職業

4 responses

  1. 表示:

    Dear lao shi:
    This post is excellent to practice the occupations.
    Now I know of what does my father work. jajaja
    Agustin Dasso

  2. yamila表示:


    Good! So remember to pay attention in class, we´ve practiced all these jobs in class already.

  3. 表示:

    Thank you for these awesome games Cheng Lao Shi, they have helped me a lot with my chinese

  4. yamila表示:


    Good to see you here! Keep on practicing.