1. 笔(bǐ) 画(huà) 顺(shùn) 序(xù):Click on each character to learn its stroke orders.

(The red part is its radical.)


*Click to generate your own vocabulary.


3. Watch the animated story at GoAnimate.com: Transport by Yami888


4. Play games at Studystack.

Studystack-L12 Tranport

5. Quizlet (You can study the "flashcards", "test" and play "scatter" games, etc…)

Remember to "sign in" first. When you sign in, you need to put the age over 13 years old, or you will not permitted to play the game.

Quizlet-L12 Transportation

6. Record your voice at Voicethread


    Getting started with Voicethread link

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    dear lao shi
    you are the best
    thank you for all these posts were i can practice a lot

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    I am so glad to see you here.

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    I’ve been practicing with studystack, but you have to add scatter. scatter is very good to study!!!

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    Hello! Santi:

    I have added Quizlet, now you can practice the scatter. Have fun!