Type your name first, then record Textbook Lesson 4, page 22,23,26,27 in the Drop Box below.


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  1. 表示:

    Hi lao shi. Sory if I don’t write in chinese but in this computer it doesn’t allows me. Thank you, I all ready record. It was awsome.

  2. yamila表示:


    I received it, that’s ok if you think it was awesome. Remember “Practice makes perfect.” Keep on practicing.
    成(chéng) 老(lǎo) 師(shī)

  3. 表示:


    我是Alina. I can’t record because I don’t have any headset. But as soon as I get one, I’ll start recording.
    Your blog is really interesting and it-s full of posts that will help me study.

  4. 表示:

    I alredy recoded again in the right place.
    see you 明天