Watch the stories of the 12 Chinese Zodiac, then tell me their order by leaving your comments.

You can also read the article here.

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  1. 表示:

    Ni Hao Laoshi
    I really liked this video because it is very intresting to know wich was the order of the Zodiac Animals. (I am tiger it is my favorite animal)

  2. 表示:

    OOh I forgot to tell you the order
    1 rat
    2 buffalo
    3 tiger(hu)
    4 rabbit (tu)
    5 dragon
    6 snake
    7 horse or goat
    8 horse or goat
    9 monkey
    10 chiken
    11 dog
    12 pig (poor pig ja)

  3. yamila表示:


    You are excellent! There’s only one unsure in the order, the 7 is horse, and the 8 is goat. And I am the poor pig (zhu1), Ja!