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1. 笔(bǐ) 画(huà) 顺(shùn) 序(xù):Click on each character to learn its stroke orders.

(The red part is its radical.)

New words


Extra words

    齿               stop

*Click to generate your own vocabulary.

2. Can you say the following characters in Chinese and translate in English?.

3. Click the image to study the text.

第十五課 她的眼睛很大 2

4. Click the image below to play the game of body parts.

Just drag the hair, nose, eyes, ears and mouth to make some
funky designs!

Make a face_GenkiChinese

5. Vocabulary on Quizlet. (Sign in your name first)

Quizlet-L15 Body parts 1     Quizlet-L15 Body parts 2

6. Rearrange the sentences on "StudyStack". (Sign in your name first)

 Studystack-L15 Body parts

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