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  1. shinlin表示:

    Hi! 很高興妳也喜歡. 我剛把歌詞加上去了.

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    Ni Hao Lao Shi:

    This was a really good song. It has a really good letter and rythm. See you in class and keep on posting this kind of songs!

    Felipe M 7MB

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    I really liked this song, it made me laugh a lot the letter. I see you tomorrow in class
    Urie Mihura

  5. yamila表示:

    I hope I have time to translate the lyrics for you, then you can practice.

    明(míng) 天(tiān) 见(jiàn) !

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    Nin Hao Lao Shi
    this is a great song I hope you post some good songs!!!!!!!!!

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    ni haooo i love this song it is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))