What do we need this for? 這個工具可以用來做什麼?

For teacher: make audio materials 對老師來說–>可製作語音教材

For students: practice the listening and oral  對學生來說–>訓練聽力,練習口語

Link: http://ecl.iflytek.com/ListenToThis/Default.aspx 

(you should open with IE to use the Advanced reading mode.)

(Brirf introduction 以下擷取自該網站介紹)

“Online Mandarin Chinese Reader” can read any Chinese word/sentences, the major functions include: “線上普通話朗讀系統”由安徽科大訊飛資訊科技股份有限公司基於世界領先的中文語音技術開發,可以用普通話朗讀任意中文文本,主要功能有:

1. You can input any Chinese text, there are two narrators (Man/Woman) you can select to read the text for you. 有男聲/女聲兩個發音人可供選擇。

2. You can select to read the full text, character by character or word by word. Click the sentence, the character, the word, you can hear it! 隨時朗讀輸入的漢語文本,模式分為“全文朗讀”、“逐字朗讀”和“逐詞朗讀”三種,自動分詞並加注中文拼音,句子、漢字和詞語,一點就讀!

3. The Advanced reading mode settings allows you to make some changes for the reading style, such as you can let the man and woman to read dialogues for you, and the reading speed, the Chinese Pinyin can also be adjusted.  “高級朗讀模式設置”開放,可以為對話文本生成男、女對話的效果,可以自訂朗讀速度、朗讀者、設定組詞、設定拼音等。

4. You can save the audio file and text file marked with Chinese Pinyin. 可以保存語音和拼音檔,具備中文拼音學習工具。

Download the User's guide: English version  Chinese version

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