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You can use the following Online Tools to practice Chinese typing. 


1. 校園打字機 (注音鍵盤指法+英打)- link


2. 網路打字教室 – 拼音+英打練習 – link


3. 中文輸入法訓練課程 (拼音練習) – link


4. 網上拼音輸入法 Online Pinyin Input Method – link


5. InputKing – link


6. MDBG (Chinese and English Dictionary) – link




To see the full version, please click here.

In this video I will introduce some programs for you to learn Chinese characters' stroke orders. 



讓我們來唱中文歌! Ràng wǒmen lái chàng zhōngwén gē. (Let's sing the Chinese songs!)

DF Online KTV

In addition to Windows built-in Chinese input method, you can download other programs to input Chinese characters or pinyin.

1. Pinyinput: to type phonetics (pinyin) only, you can download

2. Natural Chinese Input 8 自然輸入法8 華語教學加強版

   (1). From company website: 自然輸入8 華語教學加強版 GIF

   (2). From other sites: 

 (you can find the code here.)

   (3). English description:



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文字mp3 (讀出文章)

Whenever you want to make a Chinese audio book or just want to listen to a Chinese article, this program will be a great assistant for you. You can listen to each character when you are typing or the whole article.

To download the latest 文字MP3:

The program introduction in Chinese:

Link to the site below to play the game. You may need to sign in first. To start playing just click on "Start", then match the Chinese characters to the images. 

Good luck and have fun!

Purpose Games - Countries 國家 


My dear students:

Here is another game for you to play at home. Have fun learning Chinese!

1. Enter the Study Stack website: Studystack 遊戲玩法

2. Then sign up. 

3. This is lesson 4 Dates game, please link to it.

4. You will see the select menu.

Study stack _ selection menu


 5. Then choose the games you want to play.

 Word Sramble/Crosswords/study table/matching….

Studystack 遊戲玩法


Studystack 遊戲玩法



Studystack 遊戲玩法

Studystack 遊戲玩法