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This lesson will show you how to Register in Huayuworld 註冊全球華文網

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1. Setting for typing Traditional characters 繁體字 (by Teacher Danny Wei)

Windows XP – XPSetup.pdf  (English)

Windows Vista – VistaChineseSetup.pdf  (English)

Download 下載: New Phonetic IME instruction 微軟漢音打繁體字.pdf  (English)

2. Setting for typing Simplified characters 簡體字 and Traditional characters 繁體字 (by Teacher Yamila Cheng)—  (Spanish)

Descargar PDF (Spanish): Idioma Chino para teclado _Yamila.pdf

4. Pinyin Joe (拼音舟)  (English)

The free software helps you to learn Chinese pinyin easily, system of romanization of Chinese written characters. There's official standard real person's voice for every letter. It provides the basic information for correct pronunciation of spoken Mandarin.

Download here