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Basic Rules of Hanyu Pinyin Orthography

You can download here: Zhuyin to Hanyu Pinyin Table 注音拼音對照表.pdf

Zhuyin to Hanyu Pinyin Table  注音拼音對照表


拼音動畫 School Free- Pinyin learning

声母韵母歌 Shēng mǔ yùn mǔ gē (Inicials and Finals Song) 

Chinese Pinyin in 6 minutes

Zhuyin and Pinyin Conversion Table.

Zhuyin, popularly known as bopomofo, is a system designed to represent the Mandarin
Chinese sounds. It is still used in Taiwan as a teaching
aid for children and as the phonetic symbols in dictionaries.
The pinyin system, in the other hand (閱讀全文…)