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This is a very sweet song, I hope you like it. You can also practice the song on DFOnline KTV. It´s original English song is ¨Proud of you¨ (watch the video below)

This song will introduce you some countries and their food, listen very carefully and tell me how many countries' names you hear. 

世界真奇妙 (歌詞加翻譯)The world is really marvelous_with translation

Singer: 瘐澄慶(Yú ChéngQìng)

This is a very easy and relax song, I hope you enjoy it.


大眼睛 戰鬥纖體舞教學 (Come on! Let’s dance with this song.)


1. Colors in Chinese

(Move the mouse cursor over the coloured field and see how the name of the colour is written in chinese.)

2.Chinese Color Vocabulary

3. Stroke orders – 红hóng 黄huáng 蓝lán 绿lù 

4. Test yourself (Listen to the dialogue and see if you can understand.)



You can download the lirics here:

2010南非世界杯中文 主題曲 (旗開得勝).pdf

 Singer: 歐得洋 ōu dé yáng



Can you say the colors in Chinese? Here are some songs that you can practice.

1.Finding color 尋找顏色 (xún zhăo yán sè)


2.  顏色啦啦隊 (巧虎)   yán sè lā lā duì(qiăo hŭ)