October 6

My birth day (2017~18 6th home work)

我的生日My Birthday 你的生日是幾月幾號? What date is your birthday?我的生日是一月二十二号。My birthday is on the 22th of January.你喜歡什麽禮物? What kind of gifts do you like?我喜歡自行車。I like mountain bike我喜歡玩具和書。I like toys and books.我喜歡桌上遊戲和雪鞋。I like board games and snowshoes.我喜歡禮物卡和書。I like gift cards and books.我喜歡可愛小東西和猫頭鷹。I like cute things and owls.我喜歡相機和電腦。I like cameras and computers.

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