January 17

New Year Sentences (2019~20, 8th)

过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
我不喜欢年糕 I don’t like cake
我今天早餐吃腊八粥I had mixed porridge for breakfast today
我的家人不庆祝圣诞节My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas
我家通常在聚会后不大扫除My family don’t usually clean up after parties
全家人不会真正去度假All of the family doesn’t really go on vacations
过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
庆祝电玩游戏很有趣。It’s fun celebrating the video game events.
我想守岁,跳来跳去,直到看到太阳 I want to stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun,
我喜欢为家人准备食物I like preparing food for my family.
让我们团聚放烟火。Let’s get together and let off firecrackers.
吃完晚饭后,我们必须大扫除。After finishing dinner, we have to clean up the house.
过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
今年除夕是我妈妈的生日。This year, Chinese New Year’s Eve is my mom’s birthday.
你要其他的甜点?Do you want any other desserts?
中国美丽的街道,在晚餐后更热闹。The beautiful, bustling streets in China always seem active just after eating dinner.
我偏爱睡觉,我不喜欢守岁。I don’t like to stay up all night, I prefer sleeping.
I celebrated Chinese New Year once with my relatives in China and we all prayed for good fortune together.
过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
我的家人每年夏天聚会My family gets together every summer.
我为世界末日做好了准备。I’m prepared for the apocalypse.
On the Chinese New Year, I stay up all night because I can’t sleep
我想尝试腊八粥I want to try mixed porridge.
农夫市场通常很热闹The farmer’s market is usually bustling with people.
过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
我几乎从来没有为考试做准备I almost never prepare for tests.
我妈妈太常打扫房子 My mom cleans the house too much.
吃完晚饭后我做作业After finishing dinner, I do homework
我小时候住在夏威夷When I was little, we lived in Hawaii.
我从没吃过腊八粥 Ihave never tried mixed porridge
过新年Chinese New Year Sentences
准备好了吗?Are you ready?
我喜欢放鞭炮。I like setting off fireworks.
My whole family gets together at Christmas.
大家应该一起守岁!We should all stay up all night!
我买了蛋糕!I brought cake!

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